Personal stylist Annie Wayne
Personal style development and wardrobe management for women and men
About me
What I love the most about my job is that clothing gives me an opportunity to express myself. I enjoy creating looks that reflect my clients' personality and makes them feel more confident. Here are some facts about my work:

  • Certified fashion stylist and image-maker since 2015
  • Professor of Image-making at Parsons School of Design
  • Author of the course "Universal wardrobe"
  • Author of the online course "Develop your unique style in 5 days"
  • Developed new looks for 300+ clients
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How I help my clients
The most common problems faced by my clients
  • You wardrobe is overloaded, but you can't find anything to wear
  • The very idea of shopping causes stress and anxiety
  • Choosing clothing is a despair-inducing exercise for you
  • You buy expensive clothes but never feel happy about your wardrobe
Here are some examples of my work. You will get to see more during our consultation
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Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
How I work
Personal consultation
In-depth interview, current wardrobe and style review, developing your personal look. Based on our conversation, I create a personalized shopping list and give some tips on the further selection of shapes, accessories, and items that fit your body and lifestyle.
Fitting and purchasing clothes according to the plan. Based on the intended goals, I will create 2-3 looks for you. In addition, I will make a clothing checklist for your further independent purchases.
Finally, I will create a mood board for further shopping on your own, as well as provide support and stay in touch for any questions regarding your wardrobe and style.
Client experience: guided
shopping in New York
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I write about fashion, clothing and give some tips on developing a unique personal style
How are trends born?
And how to keep up with fashion trends 
How to organize your space
Some ideas on how to keep your closet nice and clean
How to develop a taste in fashion
Guide on developing your own sense of style
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